Are Wedding Photographs and who takes them really that important?

Everyone wants and needs to remember that special, magical day known as “Our Wedding Day”. That memorable day when you go from being one to being a part of two. It is an amazingly happy day that is the start of your own special family. Your Wedding Day is special for a lot of reasons and moments and some of those reasons and moments are different for every couple. Although, there are some special and magical moments that every couple wants to catch on camera. For instance that first picture of the Bride and Groom after the vows, when they are now tied together not only in their hearts but in the eyes of those who are special to them.

Wedding Photographer: I do or I don’t?

Those memorable pictures of the Bride and Groom with their parents. That special picture of the wedding couple cutting their fabulous cake. The Bride in all her radiant glory walking down the aisle, with her Father, when she is handed off to the Groom. As well as those very special pictures taken of the Bride and Groom with their wedding party. These are pictures every Bride wants to have when she wants to look back on that special day or she wants to share that day with others. Your photographer should know how to capture these moment.

Wedding flower bouquet in black and white
Photo by Bob Oh on Unsplash.

Your Family Album

There may come a day when you will want to put your own family album together to start your own tradition or to continue on a family tradition. You may want to start this family album with your precious wedding day pictures and memories. The day the two of you started your own special family. You may want to be able to share that special day with your children or others in the future in a creative album. You wouldn’t want people or your children to have to guess who the guests in your pictures are because the pictures are dark or blurry. You will want great pictures of your amazing wedding.

After all, the three things that last after a wedding are… your union, your rings and the pictures. You will want that album to accurately and clearly represent your happy life together, from the start, and as you continue to fill it with the magical moments. That’s why your choice of a wedding photographer is so crucial.

The right Wedding Photographer

There are many reasons why a Bride and Groom would want quality pictures of their wedding. Planning the perfect wedding but forgetting to hire the right photographer is like catching that big fish but forgetting to remove the lens cover… No one will believe you. That is why you want to make sure you have a good photographer for that very special day in your life. You will want someone who is professional, motivated, and who is creative. They should also know how to handle lighting and they should know what equipment is right for the job. They must be experienced with capturing amazing and creative pictures of perfect moments. More importantly they should know how to make beautiful and creative pictures out of imperfect moments. Life is not perfect and neither are weddings but you can make sure that day is as close to perfect as possible. Moments are fleeting and sometimes hard to catch. The right photographer will instinctively know when a moment is supposed to be captured and cherished forever and how to best capture that moment.

Should you ask a family member or friend?

There are people who choose to ask a family member or friend to take pictures of their wedding. That is fine for some people, while others want to know they will have the best pictures possible. Some also ask family or friends to just capture the less important photos of the night. For instance the shot of little Kenny’s face as Aunt Margret plants a kiss on his cheek. You may think you are being nice and “including” them but think of a couple things first…

The family member or friend is usually not a professional and should not be expected to take professional pictures. There are many complications that could arise such as, they can end up using the incorrect lens for things like the lighting at the venue, or the movement involved when you walk down the aisle. This can result in very dark or shadowy pictures. It can also result in blurry pictures. Pictures you will not be proud to show your family and friends and will not want to put in your precious family album. This can then lead to problems in the relationship with you and the family member or friend you chose to take your wedding day pictures. You may end up with no pictures of your cousin Kay because your cousin Phil just can’t stand her. Also because the photographer has to be focused on getting the best pictures that they can get, they end up missing most of the wedding and not getting to enjoy your special day with you.

Stress NO more!

When you have the right wedding photographer you do not have to worry about the quality of your wedding pictures. The photographer will know what is expected and when it is expected. A good photographer always comes ready for all types of situations. The right photographer will usually know what to expect in most situations. A good  wedding photographer will check out the venue in advance as well as discus your lighting preference for your wedding day. In doing these things the wedding photographer can make sure they are not caught by surprise and that they have the proper equipment.

A good photographer will have high emotional intelligence. This will help the photographers keep their own emotions under control on your wedding day and to decide what the most important pictures to capture are. This will also help if you have family or friends who do not like having their pictures taken. A photographer must have patience and be slow to anger or get frustrated. The most important thing they need to be focused on is not their emotions but capturing your wedding day with amazing pictures.