Night Photography

Night photography is so much different than taking a photo during the day. You have to adjust your eyes as well as your camera to the different lighting. When painting a night photography, you will need to learn how to paint using light to give your picture more contrast. As you begin your journey down the path of night photography either with painting or just simply using your camera, you will be astonished when you finally get that picture just right.

A few tips to help you get started

To receive an awesome night shot I recommend you using RAW, allowing your images to absorb and give you a greater scope. Furthermore, RAW can give you more flexibility within your image as you adjust the white balance or the lighting. With RAW, you will have a substantial amount of control over your final image, as well as be able to revise the picture as you are shooting it.

At night, due to not having a lot of light, it is best to use a slower shutter speed as well as a tripod to prevent blurred photos. When using a tripod be sure to secure it on a solid foundation to end any movement and for sharper images. Another way you can avoid blurred images is by using your camera’s timer setting then set your shutter to go off after you snapped the picture. If you do not have a tripod available, you should boost your ISO to a high level for a clear picture. By boosting your ISO settings to a high level, you will be able to avoid star trails on your photo.

Wedding couple at night
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash.

How to do night photos of fireworks

Many digital cameras today have fireworks setting in their scenes mode. You should switch to manual mode on your camera and take a few practice shots before the fireworks begin this will help you be prepared ahead of time as well as take a few angle shots toward the horizon to check the lighting. With the lighting that fireworks bring into the sky, you may need to adjust your contrast to make the sky blacker. Also, look for things like buildings, bridge or even a tree that catches your eye that would look great with the fireworks display. When Taking photos of fireworks, it is beneficial to be in the back part of the crowd that way you can take a few lower shots giving a different scene.

You can capture a fabulous shot by adjusting your camera to a long exposure, somewhere around 2 to 10 seconds. Additionally, if the fireworks are near the water, you will be able to get a great shot of the fireworks reflection coming off the water. When taking a shot with a reflection, you may want to adjust your long exposure time for 30 to 45 seconds. Be sure to keep your camera motionless if needed use your tripod. To get a good fireworks picture, you will want to take the image as soon as you hear the loud sound of the fireworks shell.

One more additional tip for you, when you are night photographing, remember to always, bring a flashlight with you this can help you see the menu on your camera as well as it can help with extra needed light that you may need to your photograph.